3mm 550 Paracord - $0.20/foot

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Bulk Paracord sold by the foot. Change quantity to desired length in feet.

1 foot = $0.20

2 Feet = $0.40

5 Feet = $1.00

  • 100% nylon sheath with 7 type III twisted inner strands means this paracord will stand up to just about anything. With a 550 pound tensile strength, you can be sure to be prepared for anything.
  • Made in the USA by certified US government contractors ensuring strength and durability.
  • 550 Paracord is a lightweight cord that was originally used for the suspension lines of parachutes, now it is mostly used for utility purposes.
  • The cord is made from 550-pound test nylon the features a seven-strand inner core for maximum strength. Ideal for craft projects, camping and hiking, hunting, fishing, and any survival or wilderness situation.

    • Made of 100% Nylon
    • Core has 7 Strands
    • Outer Mantel has 32 Strands
    • Strength of 550 lbs.
    • 30% Elongation

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